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    VeilMail is the totally secure, totally private electronic communications link for business-to-business messaging.

    With no leaks, no trail and no fail, your organisation's confidential information remains just that. Confidential.

Total privacy
Total control


With VeilMail, the control of your private information remains in the safest hands of all – yours. You control who receives, reads or deletes your confidential message or files. Not only that, you can recall a message, stop it being printed or forwarded, delete it, or set it to self-destruct. At any time.

Even more importantly, because your message cannot be saved on any hard drive, you can ensure that, if necessary, your message can vanish without a trace. (more) 

An unprecedented level of security


If sensitive information is leaked, whether accidentally or deliberately, many years of work can be wasted. Not to mention many millions of dollars.

For that reason, VeilMail offers an unparalleled level of electronic security for: R&D departments, legal and accountancy firms, manufacturing, military, medical and pharmaceutical companies, political parties, boards of directors; or any industry where the leak of vital information may have disastrous consequences.  (more)




VeilMail - not email 100% secure mail


VeilMail is a totally secure, point-to-point communications application developed by New Zealand tech company, Turner Technologies. It not only supersedes conventional email, it also bypasses conventional networks – providing closed-loop, private messaging between two or more parties.

While other ‘private’ communications systems offer a degree of security, only VeilMail offers a guaranteed, ‘no leak, no trail, no fail’ private communications link, thus delivering 100% secure messaging. (more)

VeilMail is

spy proof, pry proof, leak proof and tamper proof

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The cost of a leak is high. The cost of VeilMail is surprisingly low.

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